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Questacon 2017

Students enjoying Questacon
On 30 May, many students from Glenmore State School were lucky enough to attend a Science workshop from members of the wonderful Questacon team.
Alice Bauer and Bronte Black, University students representing Questacon, Canberra, visited to expose the children to hands on Science.
They introduced the children to friction, by discussing the surface composition of materials. The children created friction by rubbing their hands together. Two children tried to pull two telephone books apart, but were unable to successfully complete the task. The girls informed them that even two trucks could not pull it apart. Two children were invited to have a tug of war but it ended being a little unfair as one end of the rope was rather rough and the other was smooth and slimy. And yes the rough texture was the winning end.
Bronte demonstrated what happens when you mix vinegar and bi carb soda or an aspro clear. The reaction of the canister lid being blown off was a crowd pleaser.
One of Alice’s favourite pastimes is playing with bubbles. She began to blow bubbles through all sorts of frames but they were all shaped like a sphere. Even the cube shapes frame ended up producing a spherical shape. Two children demonstrated that it is much easier to catch bubbles with wet, soapy hands rather than dry hands. The highlight of the presentation was when she enclosed a boy and then a girl inside a gigantic bubble.
All the children who attended the show have been invited to bring their family to attend a Questacon presentation at CQU this weekend.
A big thank you to the Questacon team and to Mrs Allison for organising such a wonderful show.