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RACQ Visit

During the last week of term 2, our school library was transformed into a busy road, to assist our students to learn about road safety. Educational Officers from the RACQ visited and discussed a wide range of important topics aimed at different ages.  
Our younger students learned how to safely cross the road and how important it is that we always pay attention around cars, including in driveways, car parks and entering and exiting a car. Students learned 4 simple rules - Stop, Look, Listen, Think.
They also learnt about the importance of always wearing seat belts, even on the shortest of journeys. 3 simple words to remind them about always wearing seat belts - Slip, Clip, Clap. Slip the belt over the shoulder, Clip it into the buckle, Clap to let the driver know that you are safe and secure and ready to go.
Students in middle classes focussed on some bike safety rules and tips. When riding a bike, students were reminded about wearing the right safety equipment, regularly making sure the bike is in good working order and the 5 rules of safe bike riding – Keep left, Give way to pedestrians, Walk bikes across the road, Always use both hands on handle bars and Use a bell to warn others.
The senior students’ main focus was how important it is to avoid distractions in and around cars. While mobile phones and other digital technologies have enhanced our lives, their use around roads and in cars has created a dangerous modern hazard. We should never cross a road or driveway looking at our phones or with headphones in our ears. Nor should we ever distract a driver while driving!
Big thanks to RACQ and their wonderful presenters Jo and Julie for a great week.