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Students interview Local Senior

​Karl and Psalmoi meet Ian Hind

​Psalmoi and Karl proudly represented Glenmore State School at the Morning Bulletin where they had the opportunity to interview Ian Hind, a Rockhampton senior. The boys prepared questions prior to the interview and then used their notes to write a biography detailing important events in Ian's life.

Keep an eye out in the Morning Bulletin for the boy's article in the feature publication "Our Priceless Past". Here is an early edition:


Variety is the Spice of Life


By Psalmoi and Karl


Ian Hind was born on October 14, 1951 in Townsville. His family included a brother, who left home very early, his father, Wallis Hind and his mother. Throughout his life Ian has lived in many places, played many sports and had many different occupations.


Ian and his family moved to New Guinea after World War II because his father was a civil aviator. Ian remembers exploring near his house and finding ship and war materials. He even was able to fly in a Catalina (water plane). Ian’s family had no washing machine and lived in a house was made of paper. When Ian and his brother fought, they would sometimes put their foot through the paper walls.


Ian went to school in Brisbane. He attended Ascot State School where his favourite teacher was Mrs Berghoffer. She was tough and she made Ian improve his grades from 50% to 85%. Ian said that if you were naughty she would hit you fair and square in the back.


While he was in Brisbane Ian started high school at Hendra State High School. He then moved to Rockhampton, finishing sub-senior at Rockhampton State High School. Ian didn’t enjoy moving schools, but he loved learning about Geography and Science. Ian was a larrikin who wasn’t keen on being indoors.


Throughout the years Ian was involved in different sports including football, swimming and weight lifting. He also played AFL. He remembers playing in an AFL competition where he had to play three games in one day. He was exhausted! Ian also loved to listen to classical music as he was growing up – he still listens to it today because he said that he finds it soothing.


Ian had many jobs including working at a hardware store and owning a service station. Even though Ian worked long hours at the service station, it was his favourite job because he enjoyed meeting people. Ian didn’t mind what job he was doing, so long as he wasn’t idle.


Ian met Pam Kleidon, his wife, in Cairns and they were married 50 years ago at St Peter’s church in Rockhampton. They have three children, one girl and two boys, and one granddaughter. Ian loves spending time with his close-knit family. At the time of the interview most of Ian’s family were about to go on a cruise to the Pacific Islands.


Ian retired one year ago after falling down wet stairs when he was on his way to visit his father. Ian ended up in Intensive Care and lost his physical ability. He has slowly learnt how to move again. Ian hopes to work in the community soon, because he doesn’t like retirement and wants to keep busy.