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Year 6

To commemorate ANZAC Day our Year Six students may write letters as though they were soldiers on the frontline:
Dear Mum
We are camped out. All of my friends are dead. We have lost thousands of men. The day we landed we thought we were safe, but when we climbed the cliffs we were massacred. The bullets flew past me, but shot everyone else. 747 people died on the first day.
The dead bodies were in big piles and left there as we moved on. The opposition had the advantage. I have countless wounds, but I still carry on. The only reason that I am alive is that I want to see you once more. I have killed too many people and my hands are going hard from the stale bread.
I love you and hope I will see you again.
Dear Mum
It was calm, or so we thought. I could hear the bullets piercing the soldiers' flesh. I felt like my soul was crying. My sweat ran down my face and dripped from my chin - or were they tears?
I could strongly smell the rotten flesh of the soldiers. I could see the blood running down the soldiers' bodies.  I could taste death. I could hear the soldiers screaming in pain. There is blood everywhere.
I feel pain in my soul and I miss you terribly.
Love Geovana
Dear Mum
We arrived at the beach and it all seemed calm, so we thought. Men everywhere started shooting, killing heaps of soldiers. All of the nurses and sisters ran to safety. So many men were shot dead as the soldiers moved up the cliffs. They lost friends, good mates and even people they loved. It was a horrifying scene to watch all the soldiers dropping like flies.
Your loving daughter, Isabelle.
Dear Mum
We arrived at the beach and all we could see was darkness. All of a sudden we heard yelling, then gun shots. I laid down in the blood of dead soldiers. I crawled over behind a rock. I looked around and I saw soldiers dropping everywhere. I grabbed my gun and shot randomly at the hill. Hours later the Turks went back to their base, so we set up camp and I tried to sleep.
I miss you, Rylie.

In Geography our Year 6 students study an Asian country. They complete inquiries into the population, life expectancy, income and environments of different countries.

Once the students have collected their information, they present their findings in a chart format. Here are some of their past examples:



Our Year 6 students also apply their Technology design skills to create a bag that could be used to carry a range of items. The bag has to be strong, durable and unique.

In 2015, Mrs Humble transported the students modelling their bags into various shop scenes using blue-screen technology.