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Year 1

Taya and Samson from 1SW
Taya and Samson from 1SW proudly present their helicopter paintings

1SW helicopter artwork

During the last week in May Glenmore students enthusiastically engaged in the RACQ's Streets Ahead education program and learnt about the importance of road safety.
Students of 1SW were so impressed by the landing of the RACQ Capricorn Rescue helicopter on the school's oval that they took to paper and paint to create their very own helicopters. After drawing the outline of the helicopter with pencil, students mastered the technique of using cotton buds to apply acrylic paint. Blue was the favoured colour. Samson points out that the helicopter they inspected was blue and Taya adds that she especially likes the blue seats inside. Students of 1SW learnt that the special helicopter is used to rescue people from the water around the Keppel Islands, from road accidents and from farms that are located far away from Rockhampton. The task of painting their version of the RACQ Rescue helicopter was not without its challenges. Taya admits that getting the rotor blades right was quite tricky!