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Year 3

Our Year Three students extend the writing skills they develop in Year Two and write narratives using figurative language, alliteration, paragraphs and sizzling starts. Here are some of their examples:



The blanket finally came off the earth like a purple and black butterfly just coming out of  hibernation. The day was beautiful! A cute baby panda called Leah started running quickly across the creaky, wooden bridge. Leah thought she would play on the twisty, twirling vines. She had awesome white polka-dots surrounded by shiny black on her enormous, furry body. She had beautiful eyes that were as blue as the magnificent twinkling sky. Leah was the princess of the Aqua Forest and she was with her mother, the Queen. Her name was Anna. Her eyes were like the muddy puddles of the forest.

Suddenly… A humungous cloud appeared out of nowhere in the sky. It started getting gloomy in the Aqua Forest. All at once the lightning whizzed past and STRUCK a nearby tree, splitting it in half.  Anna screamed for Leah to get to cover. Leah was so frightened!  She wrapped herself tightly in a bunch of leaves. Queen Anna’s heart started beating as fast as a cheetah running after its dinner. She thought that Leah was getting hurt.

An evil wolf growled furiously. He came from the dark side of the forest where no-one ever went and was looking for a nice fat juicy panda for his lunch. The evil wolf found Leah’s cocoon……...  Leah tried to run away into the dark forest but the crazy wolf started chasing her and she didn’t make it. The wolf pounced on her and took her to the creepy castle in the dark forest and threw her behind bars in the dungeon. She thought she would never get home!

She tried to get herself out of the dungeon, but she couldn’t. Then she heard scratching, it was another captured panda who had stolen the keys from the evil wolf. They escaped quickly to the forest.
Anna saw something appear out of the darkness in the forest and it started coming closer. It was…the panda carrying Leah to safety! Anna was as happy as a clown squeezing its nose at the circus. They all returned home to the castle and thought there would be no more drama ever again.

By Annaleese

It was like the ice-age. Crystal white snow glowed on the forest floor like shining diamonds. Bony carcasses lay side by side. It was Dead Man’s cave…  
My eyes shot open while my mouth dropped in fright. Dead Man could be anywhere. There were bones piled up in a heap.  Suddenly something moved in the darkness…I turned around and there he was, Dead Man… Wait, Dead Man? I ran for my life, Dead Man was catching up. When Suddenly...

There was a cave, so I quickly ran into it. There was a laboratory and a man named
Nathan in there.  He welcomed me to Dead Man’s cave and told me that this would be a night to remember. He was sure of it because now he had help. We were going to go for Dead Man so we could slay him. Plan A was to use weapons. Nathan displayed a sharp sword and knife, all that was needed.  We entered his lair, Dead Man had an army. The battle began.
Swords clashed against each other for what seemed like forever and then… we won. Dead Man was slayed! It all worked out well, who knows what will happen next?
By Cooper

As the magic bridge falls upon the water a wizard was hyperventilating. He had a humungous purple coat, a tall pointy hat, and blue and green fiery eyes above an enormous nose. He had made this frightening bridge. He built the bridge when he was a young boy and made it magical so he could pull pranks on whoever crosses it. The bridge would fall into the water and rise up again when people were trying to cross it.

He had made it for fun, but as he grew older the bridge started to grow bolder, stronger and dangerous. He thought another wizard was pulling a prank making the bridge scary, but it was no prank, his family were the only wizards in town. It was…

Him… He felt terrible! He felt like the worst wizard in town. He had to stop the bridge from falling, but he couldn’t. He had forgotten the spell that he needed, so he tried all sorts of potions. He tried and tried and tried, but nothing would make the bridge sturdy. He had to try something else, so he looked at ancient books and found the only thing he could do, but it was a risk because it could take his powers away. He was frustrated so he said the spell quickly. Suddenly…

His powers were gone, but so was the magic bridge. It was broken. All his life he had never done anything better. He was free. As he looked at the bridge it disappeared.

After that he never liked or used magic again. His new way to live was normal.  It was a day to remember!

By Matthew


Poetry is another literary form where students have the opportunity to apply their creative writing skills. A Haiku is a Japanese poetry form. It uses just a few words to capture a moment and create a picture in the reader's mind. It's like a tiny window into a scene much larger than itself.

Traditionally, a haiku is written in three lines, with five syllables in the first line, seven syllables in the second line, and five syllables in the third line. Here are some examples:

During a science unit called Hot Stuff the students learn all about heat and how it travels. Students may design a water bottle cover to prevent heat from the sun transferring into the water: 
Our Year Three students will also have multiple opportunities to develop their Visual Arts skills. They will use different media to create pieces that reflect their learning across other Learning Areas: