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School hours

​Bell times ​Activity
​8.30 am ​Students can move to their classrooms to prepare for the school day
​8.55 am ​Morning session commences
​11.00 am ​First break begins
​11.40 am ​Middle session commences
​1.15 pm ​Second break begins
​1.50 pm Afternoon session commences
​3.00 pm ​End of school

Important procedures for the school day

Children who enter the school grounds before the first bell are not under direct supervision. Children who arrive at school before 8.30 am are required to sit quietly at the tuckshop area until the first bell rings.

Students arriving late to school

Students have a better opportunity to perform to the best of their ability if they arrive at school on time. It is best for students to arrive at 8.30 am to provide them the opportunity to prepare for the school day and be ready for formal instruction which begins at 8.55 am. Late students miss out on important instruction and interrupt the learning of the class. If students are late to school they need to report to the school office to receive a late slip before moving to the classroom.

Collecting students during school hours

Parents or carers wishing to remove a student/s from the school grounds during school hours need to report to the school office first. You will then be issued with a leave pass and be able to move to the classroom to collect the student/s. Alternatively, the student/s can be called to the office for collection.


Once the 3.00pm bell has rung students are expected to make their way home. Parents collecting students at the end of the school day are expected to wait at the tuckshop covered area so as not to disrupt classroom procedures. Students are not allowed to play on the school equipment after school. Students catching a bus are to move to the bus stop and wait quietly.